Thursday, October 22, 2009

Study in Leaf

All yesterday's talk about pure and natural and organic got me thinking about how difficult it is to connect with nature in the urban jungle we call home.
Watching my edible balcony grow every day gives me a joy and a sense of well-being that I get from few other activities. It's nurturing, it's meditative, it's restorative - it's life unfolding before your very eyes. It's also a good way to mark the passage of time... from day to night, winter to spring you realise time doesn't fly it ebbs and flows with grace and purpose.
Today I took a little more time than usual to look closely at my little green neighbours and realised what a wonder a simple leaf is. Not only is it the engine house for most plants' food production but its form and architecture are quite simply a thing of beauty. And without them, we couldn't survive on this planet.(and yes, I did remember to take my pills today...!)

Rainbow silverbeet

sugar snap pea






curry leaf




  1. OK, I'm not the only nutter then... :P Not only are they beautiful and wondrous to look at there's something really calming about sitting amongst vegetable and herb gardens, take in the smell and the touch..

  2. you are right, they are relaxing - just try explain that to my 8 month old son Henry!!

  3. Yep..add me to the edible plant appreciation club. Great pics Indira, wot camera & lens do u use? The colour & clarity is fabulous. I just wanted to reach into the mint pic and break some off.

  4. Hi Liss, Tim Cohen and suziwong66, I'll meet you all in the recreation room after the nurse has done her meds round.... Indira

  5. Hi suziwong66,
    Re:my camera - I use a LUMIX 10 mega pixel digital camera with an optical image stabilizer. Highly recommend it. Especially like its 20 scene setting option which includes a macro setting specifically for food photography. It was about $200 from OfficeWorks.Indira