Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lemon Delicious

People are always surprised to discover that I've managed to keep a lemon tree alive on my 20 metre square balcony.

And it hasn't always been easy.

It's a dwarf Meyer lemon variety that grows well in pots and I can recommend it for small space gardeners.

It's three year's old now and has been successfully fruiting for two years.

This season's crop is the most bountiful so far 10 lemons which are now all almost ripe.

My lemon growing tips - don't over water, fertilise in autumn with some dynamic lifter and use a slow-release fertiliser the rest of the year. Douse with pest oil if scale, leaf miners and aphids take hold. Citrus loves heat but hates wind so keep your tree in a sunny,sheltered position. And enjoy!