Tuesday, October 6, 2009


As well as growing some healthy tomato plants, I discovered yesterday that - unbeknownst to me - I have also been raising a little colony of caterpillars. They've been sampling the delights of my edible garden as well. Even 13 floors up insects are amazing colonisers!


  1. Mmmm!! That looks almost as delicious as the grubs I found when sampling the first of our peaches. The tree is heavily laden with fruit but I think we'll leave them for the birds now. YUK! PS. Haven't glimpsed any dork or dag signs yet Indira.

  2. uh oooohhhhh! LOL there's trouble!

  3. Obviously a very healthy, *natural* garden!

  4. he must be one very hungry caterpillar if he ate that hole by himself LOL

  5. Hi Cuggles!Kids,
    oh I love peaches.. how sad to think the birds can indulge and you can't!Indira

    Hi rhubenesque,
    thank you for being one of my most regular posters. Indira

    Hi suziwong66, you too! You talk to me more regularly than my family does! Keep the comments flowing. Thank you, Indira

    Hi Coby, yes as upset as I was to discover the colony, I guess its is a healthy sign. Now i just have to attract some bugs to eat the caterpillars! Indira

    Hi Lee-Ann,
    catterpillars can apparently eat 20 x their weight in food! Indira

  6. Extra protien! :)