Friday, December 30, 2011

One Night in Bangkok - The Millennium Hilton

La Nina has hit Thailand cruelly this year. The capital city Bangkok was partly submerged by rapidly rising waters. It was the worst flooding in 50 years.
The mop up has been slow. When we came through in early December on our way to London. Sandbags were still lining some of the street in parts of Downtown. Locals and businesses were busily getting on with life, moving possessions to the roofs of their houses or erecting temporary raised walkways for customers. There are signs of the floods here and there but it is business as usual. It's quite remarkable how efficiently services are back on track.
Sadly tourism has suffered.

Our hotel the Millenium Hilton was eerily empty. All Bangkok hotels have drastically slashed room rates to lure tourists back but take up has been slow. So if you have't locked in your January getaway plans yet snap up some once in a lifetime bargains in the Thai capital.

Our one-bedroom suite with sweeping views across the city was a steal at about
5000 Baht ( $A 156) 

Everyone should break the long flight to Europe with a night stopover here. Why suffer in a cramped plane seat when you can sink into this king bed with soft pillows and crisp, cool sheets.

...and then refresh yourself with a rejuvenating soak...

And one of the reasons I'll keep coming back to the Hilton is becuase of this ridiculously magical beach and infinite pool on its 4th floor.

Then there's the 'Jetsons' bar on the top floor with vertigo-inducing views of the city

Can't you just hear the ice clinking in this apple and cinnamon cocktail?

Then downstairs to the cavenous dining room for a dinner from a choice of 5 cuisines...

 ...while watching the nightlife pump on the busy Chao Phrayer river.
Soothing, relaxing and delicious. Pity we have to leave tomorrow for London.