Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sailors Thai Canteen

staff having their lunch  

Sailors Thai on George Street, in The Rocks, Sydney, is an institution. Started by Peter Bowers and David Thompson two decades ago it has helped teach Australians about authentic Thai flavours and ingredients. Whether you're sitting at the stainless steeel communal table or on the outside shaded balcony overlooking Circular Quay, this is a quintessential Sydney experience. Make sure it's on your 'to-eat' list.

garlic chive dumpling filled with coriander, spring onions and garlic chives in a rich plum sauce

 green curry of beef with roti

unctuous and light-favoured

jasmine steamed rice

whole baby chicken in red curry sauce

rich and tangy

big and dumb


  1. I'd come to Sydney just to eat there, that green beef curry looks fabulous.

  2. hi suziwong66,
    worth the trip! And look out for David Thompson's new cookbook THAI STREET FOOD. Great simple recipes. Indira

    Hi rachel,
    Rove was chaotic fun and the best backstage zoo!Indira