Monday, October 26, 2009

Cumulus Inc - Eating House and Bar

I love a restaurant that puts aside pretension and calls it like it is- Eating House. No mistaking what goes on in here!
I have been a devotee of chef Andrew O'Connell's food since supping on a humble roast chook dinner at his much-missed Dining Room 211 in Fitzroy, Melbourne. I had no idea how good roast chicken could taste when a master is conducting the orchestra. Va Va Voom!
Cumulus Inc, in Flinders Lane, with its open kitchen, ceramic chooks, and wooden shoe lasts as tribal wall art, has O'Connell's trade-mark down-to-earth-quirkiness but the food is still the star.
A selection of tapas sharing plates, charcuterie or traditional entrees and mains still keeps the focus on squeaky fresh produce with deft playful execution.
Monday lunch was positively jumping today. As I reluctantly peeled myself off my wooden bar perch to catch my plane back to Sydney I'm sure patrons were just about to form a congo line.....

 cumulus inc menu
a glass of prosecco with crispy school prawns sauted in garlic and chilli 

12 hour slow-cooked pork strap with poached lemon, cabbage, green apple and mint salad

 Asparagus polonaise

rich, runny egg yolk 

 a sauce all of nature's own making

 nab a seat at the marble counter overlooking the kitchen

...or choose a table amongst the botanicals

cumulus clouds are my favourite weather formation

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