Monday, February 15, 2010

Winner of THAI STREET FOOD Cookbook announced

Dear Saucy Readers,
Thank you for all the wonderfully creative resposes to the THAI STREET COOKBOOK competition.

Dear Liss,
great food varieties and glad to see you thought of colour combos as well as nutritional requirements.

Dear Suzan,
Technically you had two meats - cow and fish - but on an island it was going to be difficult to stop people fishing!

Dear suziwong66,
Great ingredients. Reading through your list I wish I was stranded with you!

Dear anneg,
I like woman who regards popcorn as an essential food on an island.

Dear barking owl,
gotta love a gal who takes along a chicken for 'eggs and conversation'.

Dear Andrew,
A flavoursome and nutritionally well-balanced combination.

Dear Jamie,
The only entrant who thought of substituting their partner for the 'meat' category. She must be hot!

Dear Robskee,
very clever bringing along a pregnant ewe to keep your supplies going.

Dear Coby,
a delicious array of food choices that would create a variety of dishes.

Dear ctealeaf,
taking an elephant along for protection and to help reach for bananas and coconuts in the trees made me giggle!

Dear Rachel,
thanks for entering even though you say you never win comps. That took effort. Loved your food choices especially the idea of bringing along a 'live' turducken.

Sadly there can only be one winner... and that is....... Robskee.

As well as observing all the competition rules, Robskee came up with a very creative list of foods. By taking a pregnant ewe with twins (male and female) he had a sheep herd in the making prolonging his food supply.Onions and chilli/capsicums would be great flavour boosters, and taking along a cocao and coffee bush were novel ideas. It's just a pity (or a blessing) that no-one will be able to hear his rendition of 'I will survive!'.

Robskee, can you email me at with your Australian postal details and
I will pop one very, very, heavy copy of David Thompson's THAT STREET FOOD in the mail for you.

To all other entrants, thanks for taking part and  for your wonderfully thoughtful and entertaining  responses.


  1. Congrats to Robskee - well done and enjoy your new book:) Thanks for the comp Indira, they were some very clever and entertaining answers:)

  2. Congrats....

    I was having a pipe dream. I would have to stick to the beef due to allergies but it was fun to dream a little.

    Thanks for making me think.

  3. Thanks so much Indira, for this great prize and for your 'enfoodiasm' with Saucy Onion. I will erect some steel scaffolding on the kitchen bench in anticipation of the book's arrival.


    First I was afraid
    I was petrified
    Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side ...

  4. Thanks Indira. What a wonderful treat. Well done also to everyone else. You can guess what'll be on the menu in our house over the next few weeks - Thai, Thai and more Thai.