Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Win a copy of David Thompson's THAI STREET FOOD valued at $100

For your chance to win a copy of David Thompson's THAI STREET FOOD (valued at $100) register as a follower of Saucy Onion and post your answer to this question...

If you were on a desert island and could only take with you 1 animal or fish or bird breed to eat, 3 vegetable varieties and 2 fruit varieties, what would they be?

For example, I would take -
 a goat (meat, milk and cheese)
tomato (technically a fruit)
grapes (to make wine!)

Competition closes on Monday February the 15th at 0900 hours EST.  The most interesting answer as judged by me will win.The book can only be posted to a postal address in Australia (because it weighs a tonne!).


  1. oooh interesting! I would probably take a chicken (eggs) vegetable types: corn (easy to re-harvest from seed)leek (again have harvested seed) and and potatoes. fruit types: Tomato, orange. Good colours and nutritional values in all :)

  2. Wow you have made me think and think hard. So I am going to dream and ignore my allergic reality.

    So I would probably choose a cow if I could and then add to the mix basil, onion and broccoli. Then I could have meats and milk products such as butter and cheese too. I would severely miss my herbs and spices. How I love those. My favourite fruit at present is clementine and since this is fantasy land I can add strawberries. Then I would be fishing and gleaning all the seafoods I can't have and dream about. Oh to try lobster with a buttery, sauce with a kelp or seaweed salad and not suffer! Then to follow a tangy fruit salad with strawberries and the clementines and cream to follow.

    In reality if would be beef stirfry with fruit to follow. I prefer to contemplate the amazing choices one could try...

    Hope this meets your rule requirements. Thanks.

  3. This is hard...I'm going with an Italian theme and my fav fruit...

    I'd take:

    1. a lactating female buffalo
    (for dairy products...i adore buffalo mozarella)

    2. basil
    (think: Margarita pizza, ragu, bruschetta, salsa, on top of buffalo mozarella slices),

    * Wheat, so i can harvest flour
    (think: pizza bases, bread, pasta etc)

    * garlic
    (think: on bruscetta, in ragu, on pizza)

    3. Tomato
    (i can't live without them. think: ragu, bruscheta, salsa, fresh off the vine, stuffed)

    * Mango
    (think: Mango parfait, mango cheeks, mango lassi, mango ice cream, mango semi freddo, mango sabayon...)

    My mouth is watering at the thought of a buffalo mozarella slice topped with a ripe tomato slice, a few basil leaves and finely chopped garlic and purple onion... darn it...just slap another mozarella slice on top and make a cheese sandwich out of it LOL

  4. Hmmmm
    Chicken (for eggs and fed on scraps)
    Tomato (a million uses)
    Garlic (an essential and makes everything tasty)
    Corn (fresh, ground down to make bread or dried to for popcorn)
    Lemon (again a million uses)
    Watermelon (something different and refreshing)
    God really hard to choose though. Equally I would replace Watermelon with tomato (as it's a fruit) and add potato but that's slightly more boringly practical.

  5. Well, I think:
    * a chicken for eggs and conversation
    * tomatoes because you can eat most of the fruit and then save the seeds for future crops
    * bananas for the sugar hit and the leaves would be handy plates/ steamers
    * sweet potatoes again for the sweetness
    * garlic
    * bok choi for the green goodness

  6. Most definately a chicken, the eggs would be sustaining and the looking after of the chicken would give me something to do.
    For the veg, definately potatoes, egglant too as well as zucchinis as they grow prolifically.
    Fruit...bananas as they're filling and lemons, great for seasoning foods and who wants to get scurvy?

  7. OK, here's my sneaky plan...

    Animal: a human being (in my case hopefully my lovely lady Pammy), for conversation, to help in the garden, and to keep me company and stop me going crazy. We'd have to both promise no cannibalism, mostly vegetarianism, and a sneaky collusion to get around Indira's dastardly rules and go catch fish and shellfish anyway when the authorities aren't on patrol (besides, it is a desert island, so hunter-gathering is the way to go).

    Potatoes (I plead irreversible boyishness)
    Tomatoes (maybe I'd finally get good at growing them!)
    Olives (oil, fruit, and if I can catch some anchovy substitutes down in the lagoon, pissaladiere desert island style!). I know it's a fruit, but if you're bending the rules with tomatoes, so am I with olives.

    Lemons! Hopefully a whole shady grove of lemons, where Pammy and I can escape the heat, eat the tomatoes and let them dribble down our chins, toss the spuds into the coals, and peel the prawns when the cops aren't looking.

    Rule bending
    Apart from catching the fish and shellfish with Pammy, if there aren't wild herbs up there on them thar hills I'm Robinson Crusoe.

  8. Leaving aside the whole debate about "fruit" being a botanical category and "vegetable" being a cultural term, and leaving out grains ...

    The animal would have to be a *sheep* (ewe pregnant with male + female twins) for milk, cheese, WOOL and meat. But oh, how I will miss eggs!

    Vegetables would be *onions*, some variety of *capsicum* (therefore paprika, chilli!) and *Corn* (for polenta, sweet corn, popcorn, corn flour, corn syrup, corn thins, cornbread, cornbreadcrumbs, corn chips, taco's, bourbon whiskey, corn flakes!)

    For fruit, I couldn't go without a *Cocao* Tree (c'mon people, it's a basic food group!) and a *coffee* bush (I could get used to a sheep's milk latte with a dash of corn syrup).

    As long as I have access to camembert, coffee and chilli-chocolate, I'm Gloria Gaynor!

  9. Very creative answers above:) My response will feel rather prosaic in comparison.

    1 Quail about to lay one batch of fertilised eggs, from personal experience these little entertaining birds are great layers, grow quickly and have delicious meat too.

    Purslane - grows like a weed, even I couldn't kill it and I can't live without my greens.

    Butternut pumpkin, I love a bit of crunch, and the seeds are edible, and the vegetable itself is multi-functional, plus you can eat the skin and all.

    Spring onions, perfect oniony flavour and *almost* herb like depending on which part of the plant you use.

    Meyer Lemon - just a must for zest and juice.

    Tomatoes, I am a savoury girl, I can live without sweet fruits.

    All of the above should go well together to make lots of delicious combinations:)

  10. If I am stranded on a desert island, I will bring the following in order:

    B- Blueberry [Wild fruits I can grow anywhere anytime for my daily fruit supply]
    E- Eggplant [My favorite vegetable, continuous supply if I can find a good spot to plant the seeds]
    L- Lentils [I need my energy!!]
    I- Iceberg Lettuce (refreshing.. and it starts with the letter ‘I’)
    E- Elephant [ Not for eating.. I am a vegetarian so I have decided to use my animal allowance as best as possible. Elephant will be useful to protect me on the island, allow me to reach the banana and coconut on the tree ]
    F- Fig [best source of natural sugar, fibre and minerals]

    Most important BELIEF and FAITH that I can survive my time in the island (as I am a city girl at heart!)

  11. I never win anything but I'll give this a shot just cos its interesting... For my meat I'd be tricky and take one of those 'turducken's'- a chicken in a duck in a turkey, I've always wanted to try one and if I changed my mind I could separate each bird and smoke them over a fire and live on them for as long as I was on the island.

    For my vegetables, I would take some fresh cherry toms, some corn on the cob and some potatoes and roast them over the fire- kabab style. They are also very versatile vegies so I could do other things with them like make salads or use them to flavour the birds if I wanted...

    2 fruit varieties, definitely summer fruits. Mangos (as many as would fit into my suitcase) and yellow fleshed nectarines. Yum!

  12. Porky for protein [if else fails...can extend my stay on island at least my a few weeks]
    Sunflowers [seeds easily, attracts birds, can make bread]
    Sage[Easy to grow]
    Sweet potatoes...[easy to grow...multiplies easily, leaves are good to eat]