Friday, February 26, 2010

Edible Balcony - End of Summer

A hand-drawn plan of what's currently growing on the balcony

Somehow most of the plants survived the wild weather of February - storms, winds, heavy rain, high humidity, pest attacks and mildew.

As I reflect on the toughest month so far on the Edible Balcony I realise why edible balcony gardening is so rare! I'm clearly nuts!

But there have been some small satisfactions...

three eggplants are poking through...

the red oak lettuce is flourishing in the hanging basket...

I'm picking watercress leaves every other day. This variety is not as peppery as the common smaller leaf one.

The zucchini are spreading their large wings....

The tomato plants have had one last gush of fruit. I'll be pulling out the vines next week and preparing the pots for my winter plantings...

The herb wall has taken a battering. The plants are still frail and the tatsoi has had a aphid and mealy bug attack. Hopefully as the sun moves in they'll become more robust.

The common mint sustained a few caterpillar attacks and is slowly forming new buds.

This cherry tomato variety Tom Thumbs has been a huge success ... abundant and sweet.

Still no flowers from the strawberry plants just lots of runners.
The mixed basil has been fragrant and delicious .

The nasturtiums have been my best friends on the balcony. Low maintenance, pretty and delicious!

Just exquisite!

I'll be picking these peppers next week and chargrilling them on the BBQ.
The Thai chilli plant is a slow grower but has just developed a few new fruit buds.
I wonder what March will hold?


  1. Beautiful pictures!! Am becoming inspired already to try something with my little plot. The magic is surely working.

  2. Despite the hardships, you're still a master gardener in my eyes. Keep up the delicious work!

  3. Those tomatoes look delicious!
    I hope those nasty little bugs give your herbs a break though!

  4. Oh, I love this garden!!!

    I may have to "borrow" a few of your ideas... it will give me something to do while the kitchen is being done!

    What a great blog - so glad I found it!