Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Edible Balcony - Cyril and Marge's long-awaited review

Marge: 'Is this the new place you heard about on Twitter?'

Cyril:   'Yeah. It's called the Edible Balcony Perch. It got a great write-up in Tery Durack's food column today.Even though the Sydney City Council keeps banging on about 'greening our urban spaces' it's about the only leafy perch left in Potts Point with a decent view.

Marge:  'Not bad. What's the house specialty?'

Cyril:     'Bar food looks disappointing. Just some boring herbs and vegies. And   they better get some grevillea nectar on the menu if they want  the locals coming back.'

Marge: Oh well, at least the view is breath-taking.

Cyril: Over-rated if you ask me.

  Cyril: This place is as dull as.... why don't we pop down to the next floor for a few lines of sugar?

Marge: Cyril, you know the doctor warned you off refined carbohydrates!

Cyril: Aw, come on Marge just one little snort for old times' sake?

Cyril: you like how it makes me perky...

Marge: OK. I suppose one line won't hurt. And then we should check out that new wine garden in Surry Hills that everyone's flocking to. I'm in the mood for a cheeky red.


  1. Geez Marge, you're an enabler!!!! When Cyril drops dead from an overdose of sugar snorting you'll be sorry LOL

  2. So funny. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with rainbow lorrikeets. Love the look of them when they're quiet ... hate how they socialize in dozens outside my bedroom window in the trees early every morning, screeching and carrying-on.

  3. You can point Marge and Cyril my way for a grevillea fix - we've got loads. They'll have to fight the noisy mynas for it though.