Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Edible Balcony - First Eggplant Peeps Through

My two eggplants share a pot on the Eastern side of my balcony. I planted the two seeds on November 28th almost three months ago so they certainly like taking their time. They probably don't like sharing a smallish pot either. Next time I'll give them more room.

They've sustained flea beetle attacks and caterpillar assaults....

high winds and heavy rains....

but miraculously the first fruit appeared this morning!

This long purple variety will be delicious chargrilled on the BBQ and made into a babaganoush.


  1. Just had to drop by and warn against counting your eggplants before they've hatched! :P

  2. Lovely! We're at the end of our eggplants here - but I've loved watching them grow nice 'n' fat before I try not to prickle myself picking them, then make sausage eggplant casserole or babaganoush..!

  3. My Mum's plants have only just got their flowers, wonder if they'll develop. Mm smokey baba ganooj is my favourite! Lookin' good so far:)

  4. Eggplants are by far one of the easiest I have nutured. I have 4 'bushes' of eggplants and pick them every 3 days. They are delish in asian stir-fries, casseroles, char-grilled and yes, two of you here have mentioned Baba Ganoush! Absolute yum!!!