Monday, November 30, 2009

Cook's Garden, North Turramurra

A belated birthday lunch for my step-son Tim at the Cook's Garden in North Turramurra yesterday was a crowd pleaser. When palates range in age from 31 to 83 the chef's brief must be to keep dishes simple yet fresh and interesting. Gwen couldn't get enough of the sweet salty bacon and the colefax chocolates - as always - were feverishly consumed.

corn cakes with tomato relish crispy bacon and asparagus spears

crispy prawns on a chilli guacamole

battered fish and chips with aioli

Thai beef salad

dig in, don't wait

colefax chocolates

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  1. These pictures look delicious! I especially like the shrimp and chocolates!

  2. Crispy bacon with asparagus spears....that's breakfast, lunch and dinner :-)

  3. The bacon, the fish and chips, the prawns, the chocolates- it all looks delicious! Nice to have you back Indira!

  4. Hi Catherine,
    yes the prawns (shrimp) are a must-have everytime we come here and the chocolates... well... let's just say these are fought over! Indira

    Hi Amanda,
    I agree..... there is no beter aroma than frying bacon and fresh asparagus is a wonder of nature. Indira

    Hi rachel,
    Highly recommend the Cooks Garden if you;re ever in Sydney - particularly if you're with fussy eaters. Something to please everyone. Indira