Friday, November 13, 2009

Edible Balcony Update - Red Peppers sprout

For non-foodie gardeners these edible garden updates must be like watching paint dry. A new green shoot, the first flower, the first sign of life... it all gets me quite excited. I know - I should get out more.

 The Italian Red Pepper seeds I planted two weeks ago sprouted yesterday.

They'll only be room in this pot for about four red pepper plants so I will monitor how the seedlings develop and keep the strongest looking four and pull out the rest. Hopefully that way I'll get the biggest, tastiest crop!


  1. They're looking great. I had minimal success with capsicums last year and didn't bother this year. I do want to extend my potted garden beyond, herbs, tomatoes and cos lettuce though so i'll checkout what's on offer at the nursery this weekend.

  2. Hi suziwong66,
    Yes I've never grown peppers before and I also want to put in some chillis and capsicums so i hope I'll be able to successfully grow them. Indira. By the way my basil is doing really well in its full sun position.

  3. If ever I grow seeds this is the part I find hardest - pulling out the smaller seedlings to make way for the stronger plants. I feel sad that the others have gone to all that trouble for nothing! Maybe this is one of the reasons why I'm not a very good gardener - too soft!

  4. Hi arista,
    I know wha you mean. But I'll mulch them back into the soil so they're in away been reabsorbed back into the surviving peppers. I'm heartless aren't I? Indira