Saturday, November 7, 2009

Edible Balcony Update - First Ripe Tomato

Well, the tomato plants went in on August the 26th and at last some fruit have that first blush of colour! The tiny toms are ripening quite quickly after that burst of heat on Melbourne Cup Day. The larger variety of Tub Toms obviously still have a way to go before they'll be ready to be picked.

Tom Thumb tomatoes on the left  and the larger Tub Toms on the right

My first tomatoes are just starting to colour up...

how good do they look? But will they pass the taste test?...


  1. how good are they going to taste, mine are still a little way off.

    enjoy them xx

  2. They look fantastic! Cute little things they are!! Jealous - I think mine are at least another 4 weeks away from that beautiful red-ness!


  3. They look great. I bet they are going to taste awesome!

  4. They look really glossy and healthy - I'm sure they'll taste great.

  5. How exciting!

    I am sure they'll taste great.

  6. Hi Liss,
    I discovered some caterpillar poo on them this morning so I'm trying to track the critters down before they enjoy my tomaotes first! Indira

    Hi Lee-Ann, love to see your efforts, Indira

    Hi Colours of the Outback,
    here's hoping theh taste as good as they look!Indira

    Hi Amnada,
    you said it girl! indira

    Hi arista,
    they do look good... I now wish I planted more two months ago! Indira

    hi Aneets,
    yes it is very exciting. My life must be dull!Indira