Friday, November 6, 2009

Impromptu Lunch at the Arun Thai Restaurant

Sometimes when you try to plan a lunch with friends it involves too many phone calls and diaries and juggling of baby sitters. I enjoy the spontaneity of an impromtu lunch when you do a quick ring round the neighbourhood to see who's available for lunch on that day with no planning. Yesterday we gathered four takers for such a lunch at the Arun Thai Restaurant. Over a bottle of 2007 Snake Creek Chardonnay we discussed the merits of the shutdown of Macleay Street in Potts Point on weekend nights to control the 'hoon' problem. Heavy-handed thought some - appropriate action thought others. Top me up thanks.....

Macleay St reflected in the window of the Arun Thai Restaurant

This serene carved statue greets you as you enter

The Arun Thai bar has an extraordinary wine cellar

Betel leaves with roasted coconut and shrimp sauce

a crunchy taste sensation

crispy wok-tossed calamari

rice salad

mix it together and serve

beautifully- weighted brass cutlery and gold-leaf plates

crispy Barossa chicken with tamarind sauce

pandanus leaf-flavoured sticky rice with fresh mango

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  1. As simple as that rice salad is it looks delicious :-)

  2. awwwww YUM...i really shouldn't be looking at food pix when i'm so hungry! That looks sooooo good.

  3. Looks lovely - I love an impromptu lunch too. For me it's usually at a shopping centre food hall though!

    (PS not food-related, I know - but I just saw you sitting next to Ben Mendelsohn on the telly! You lucky thing....)

  4. Which program were you on this time?

  5. Hi Amanda,
    the rice salad is yum!Indira

    Hi suziwong66,
    the pics don't do the food justice believe me!Indira

    Hi arista,
    even a food hall lnch can be good if there's a great suchi place tucked somewhere. Yes sitting next to Ben Mendelsohn was a 'pinch myself' moment since I drooled over him as a teenager!Indira

    hi rachel,
    I was on Channel 10's The 7pm Project as a guest panellist. A lot of fun. Great people to work with. Indira