Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Edible Balcony Update - First Beetroot

The first baby beet seemed ready to be pulled this morning - so I pulled. I'm not sure how you know pecisely when a beetroot is ripe but I read that when the crown starts lifting from the soil it's probably ready. And besides, I've been waiting patiently for two months to eat it !

Next time when I plant my root vegies I'll give them more room so I get a larger crop.

It looks like a real beetroot... hopefully it tastes like a real beetroot

organic, chemical-free - apart from Sydney inner city smog!
Now, how to cook it? Baked I think.... in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic and oregano from the balcony.


  1. mMMmm. Looks beautiful! Baked is good. I made loads of different types with my crop this year - was determined to make it last!

    Baked, with olive oil, garlic and rosemary
    Grated, as a salad with balsamic, goats cheese, cherry tomatoes and pinenuts
    Boiled, I used some to make some pink fettucine!
    Pickled - there's some in my pantry waiting for summer :)


  2. YUM, baked beetroot is divine...I love it in salads with fetta...i'm drooling at the thought. Congratulations on your crop! I'm waging war with caterpillars on my tomatoes...

  3. I just made a lovely salad using grated raw beetroot (blogged about it for your future beetroot if you want another recipe idea:)), sadly I didn't grow them, but my parents did, so perhaps there's hope for me yet;) Enjoy your sweet first picking:)

  4. I've never actually tried beetroot!

  5. I'm going to have to try this sometime! Thanks! Happy Blogging! :)

  6. Hi Liss,
    thanks for all those beetroot recipe suggestions. I would be really interested to try beetroot as a flavouring for pasta. Do you have a recipe? Indira

    Hi suziwong66,
    sorry about your caterpillars. I gave the soap flakes spray a go so I'll let you know if that does the trick! Indira

    Hi Coby, Yum! Yum! You may have convinced me raw is better than baked!Indira

    Hi Rachel, you have to try beetroot if you never have. Even the tinned variety is delicious if you can't find any fresh beetroot. Indira

    Hi Catherine,
    thanks for leaving your first comment. Great to have you onboard! Indira

  7. Happy to help Indira, sometimes even heating a pot of water is one step too many;)