Thursday, July 1, 2010

Paris - Eurostar Bomb Scare

Well my last day in Europe and as it turns out my most eventful day......

My Eurostar train from Paris's Gare du Nord to London (so I can catch my Qantas flight back to Sydney) has been delayed!

French police arrive....

And after a lot of hushed conversations in French.... we're told that there has been a bomb scare and the train will be delayed while they investigate!!! Yikes!!!!!

So we wait... and wait .... and wait....
It's going to be touch and go to make my London flight.

And finally after an hour's delay the train is given the all clear. Apparently a WW2 digger left an old unexploded armament on the train after attending a commemoration ceremony. It's harmless.
But will I make my flight in time?

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  1. Count yourself lucky you weren't the suspect, Indira.

    I was on a train from Marseilles to Genoa some years ago, when the train was stopped (during a period when a few bombs had gone off on French trains). The police came in, checked everyone, and the poor woman in the seat in front of me was actually taken off the train, her baggage searched on some lonely country station platform in front of the whole onlooking trainload of passengers, then she was allowed back on the train, and we then proceeded on our journey.

    The looks the poor woman got after that from fellow passengers were... well (I hate to sound too unsympathetic here) but they were hilariously, suspiciously, stupidly bad. Loud stage whispers of "Le Bombeur" resonated throughout the carriage, and the poor woman must surely have endured the worst train ride of her life. And the really suspicious thing was, she looked completely, averagely normal.

    I hope you made your flight, I've enjoyed the travel postings, but don't dress for a Sydney winter when you get off the place. We had our coldest day since 1949 the other day (4° minimum!). Rug up is my advice!