Friday, July 2, 2010

Return to the Edible Balcony

Phewwwwww......I'm finally back on the Edible Balcony after just making my 22 hour flight back to Sydney. I had one hour to get off the Eurostar at St Pancras Station, find my leftover pound currency to buy a ticket from Kings Cross station to Heathrow Airport scaling flights of stairs, escalators and London commuters all while lugging way too many gift tins of duck confit, froie gras and chocolates.

And you are right Jamie - this cold weather is unbelievable!

My husband Mark has done a stellar job looking after the balcony tenants in my absence.

Clearly the winter has been fearsome this year. The plants all took a battering in June.

It was lovely to arrive back to some strawberries as delicious as any of the famous fraise de bois variety I tasted in Paris.

Aphids feasted on most of the muliticoloured heirloom radishes but four plants have survived.

And the St Valery carrots should be ready to begin harvesting next week.

The Chinese greens have thrived in these icy conditions - Wombok, pak choy and silverbeet ready to pop into some steaming broths.

The broccoli sadly went to flower before I could cook any florets. Devastated. But it does make a striking flower head, don't you think?

I wonder if there are any florists out there who are using broccoli flowers in their arrangements?

The pumpkin has been infested by mildew and will sadly have to be pulled out this weekend.  I just planted it too late in the the summer season. It wasn't well enough established when the bitter weather set in.

The edible wall is doing well. The warrigal greens, sorrel,  feverfew and Vietnamese mint have taken over

Think I'll make some sorrel butter to have on a T-Bone steak for dinner tonight.
It's sooo good to be home.


  1. Welcome home. I like the broccoli flowers. Lettuce are nice when they go to flower – you get lots of little daisies.

  2. Welcome home Indira, I think I'll be doing sorrel butter on steak this week as well! You have motivated me :)

  3. Welcome home!

    My broccoli did that last year, it's heartbreaking! I have planted mine a bit later in the autumn this time, my florets are just starting to grow, my nan told me to tie the leaves over the top to keep them white and stop them from flowering. Giving that a try this year!

    Our celery is still happy and thriving surprisingly, like your asian greens - and your strawberries look divine!

    A few stir-fries in your house soon I think?