Sunday, July 11, 2010

Edible Balcony - Heirloom Radishes with garlic and anchovy sauce

After the disappointment of my failed broccoli, pumpkin and meagre pea crops... all I can say is 'Thank God!' for root vegetables. After harvesting a bumper pot of carrots, the radishes that survived the Aphid Attack from Outer Space were ready to come out yesterday.

These are a multi-coloured heirloom mix from The Diggers Club. Relatively quick and easy to grow even on a balcony. Just keep them well-watered. Aren't they so pretty?

I wanted to enjoy the full flavour of my radishes so I replicated a recipe I enjoyed during my recent trip to France.
In a mortar and pestle I crushed two garlic cloves and 5 anchovy fillets ( if you can afford the Oritz brand lucky you) into a paste and then emulsified the paste with about 1/3 cup of good quality extra virgin olive oil, then added a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Either pour the sauce over your radishes (and, of course, you can use many vegetables instead/as well - cauliflower florets, green beans, carrots, boiled potatoes etc) or just dip the vegetable crudites into your sauce dish.
Wow! These radishes were so crunchy with a wonderful lingering mustardy hotness. And this sauce would be wonderful just spread on crusty bread.

I think I'll put in another lot of radish seeds if this variety is going to taste this good!.

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