Friday, June 11, 2010

Petersham Nurseries - The Shop

As well as being a gardener's and foodie's mecca Petersham Nurseries also has an Aladdin's Cave of gardening and homeware goodies.

Potted plants as gifts

Wonderful hand blown glass pitchers

heavenly perfumed bouquets

more glass vases

blooms ready to plant

Would have loved to have bought a set of these glasses but feared they would not have survived the trip back to Oz.

An amazing array of seeds...

Including my favourite Franchi seed collection

Wellingtons for all sizes

terracotta pots

rakes, spades and trowels 

all rusticly displayed...

Visitors are encouraged to travel to the nurseries by bicycle or public transport.

You need to catch the tube to the Richmond stop and then it's a gentle 30 minute walk along the Thames to Church St in Richmond

Right opposite the nurseries is a herd of dairy cattle

I found this cow very entertaining

She'd clearly developed a fondess for Oak Tree leaves

I think someone forgot to tell her that she wasn't a giraffe

Now this is what I call a meadow

 Setting off back to Notting Hill where I'm staying

The Thames is very picturesque down this end of the outskirts of London

 And there are some extraordinary Manor Houses with water frontage

Twickenham has one of the last surviving ferries on the Thames

 It's operated by a strapping young lad who will even give you a hand wtih your bike

5 minutes later and we're across the river in Twickenham 


 Twickenham is a lovely little hamlet

I might just have to come back to try their famous eel pie...

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