Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Paris, Rue Montorgueil Markets

Paris has a food market on nearly every street corner.

But my favourite market street is Rue Montorgueil in Les Halles which is a frission of people and fresh food.
 I am staying in an apartment a few streets away.

There are many food shops but the market shops are only opened from Tuesday to Saturday.

Everything is beautifully displayed on a street with oodles of atmospherre and character.

Parisiens are obssessed with good quality ingredients and will only buy
the freshest and tastiest poduce.

Of course cheese must be eaten every day.

And the range is truly spectacular from the smellies through to the hard cheeses.

Vegetable displays are works of art.

It's ceps (mushroom) season at the moment.

These globe artichokes smelt so fresh.

Chickens are sold with heads and feet still attached so customers can see how fresh they are.

Like Berliners the bicycle is the transport of choice for many Parisiens

The mosaic tiles of the walkway

And of course when the shopping is done it's time for some people-watching and a kir royale.


  1. Oh, memories. We were in Paris last year, and will go back in a couple more. We stayed in the 7th arr. last time but would like a change, love to know your suggestions? Non touristy is a must!

  2. I discover your blog and am pleased to read an article about Paris, the city where I live ;-)
    Montorgueil is a really nice pedestrians street full of shops... a delight: