Monday, June 7, 2010

Berlin - The Turkish Markets

Still grey and overcast in Berlin. Sunny change expected on Thursday - when I leave for London. Danke Schoen!
On our way to the Turkish markets nestled on the banks of the Landwehrkanal, we take a little detour so Ria and Chris can show me the last remaining section of the Berlin Wall that's been preserved as an ominous reminder of the communist era.
It's covered for its length with grafitti-like artwork exploring the wall's many evocations.

In fact much of the art work along this old east-meets-west border is confronting.

Ah yes, we're finally here...... at the Turkenmarkt in Kreuzberg. Berlin has Europe's third largest Turkish population and most of the city's immigrant community comes here to shop for fruit and vegetables and exotic fabrics.

The makets only sell seasonal produce

This ginger smelt pungent and spicy

Lots of cool climate root vegetables but I was surprised to see limes

And of course with spargel season running hot there are phallic-looking white asparagus everywhere.

The marinated vine leaves will make delicious dolmades

And this stringy salty cheese is a local delicacy used in sauces and dips

This wasabi cheese was a taste revelation. Nice grab-you-at-the-back-of-your-throat finish.

Time for a warming ale... we grab the window seats at the bar across the road for a bit of people watching.

A sensible combo - a glass of wine comes wtih an obligatory glass of water.
But unlike the French and the Italians no complimentary nibbles!

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