Sunday, June 27, 2010

Barcelona - tapas at Pinotxo Bar

Many gastronomes make food pilgrammages to Spain these days. From Ferran Adria to Juan Marie Arzak, Spanish cusine is lauded internationally for its quality produce and innovation.

Top of my list was Pinotxo Bar at the Barcelona markets. 

For a 20th of the price of its Michelin counterparts, Pinotxo Bar turns out some of the best tapas I've ever tasted -  all from a 20 meter square kitchen.

These croquettes were quickly dropped into hot bubbling oil until they were crisp but soft and gooey on the inside. The fillings included mashed potato with jamon, spinach and bacalao (salt cod).

These local mussels were steamed over a hot grill and then dressed with a carrot, onion, tomato and pepper salsa with spanish olive oil and red wine vinegar.

Mussels were tiny bursts of creamy salty sea and the salsa was a crunchy acidic counter

And of course we had to try the local specialty - pork sausage. This one was cured with fennel, wild pepper and lemon, barbequed and served with a simple bitter green leaf salad. Hubba Bubba!

Pinoxto Bar only seats about 10 people and closes at 4pm everyday.
If you miss out on a seat do what everyone else does order your wine and tapas plates and grab a bench in the market courtyard.

You just have to come here!


  1. Wow, everything looks great! I'm getting just looking at these photos. Looks like a wonderful place to try!

  2. Hi! I absolutely LOVE tapas, I think I'll give this place a hit sometime soon. Thanks for the post :)