Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Barcelona - Sagrada Familia

OK, you've got to see this cathedral for yourself. Photos just don't do it justice. Especially these hasty ones I took on the way back to the airport!

Part Lord of the Rings part towering sand castle, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is one of architects Antoni Gaudi's most famous creations.
Gaudi was a devout catholic and somehow convinced the powers to be to let him construct this highly original and organic cathedral.
Work on the Sagrada began in 1861. When Gaudi died in 1926 his workers continued his vision but the cathedral still won't be completed until 2026 - the 100th anniversary of his death.

The new additions are clearly un-Gaudi like. A lot more structured and linear. Apparently Gaudi's original sketches were destroyed during the Spanish Civil War.

What extraordinary creativity

Let alone the construction techniques he developed to create this unique appearance


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  1. Oh I was so hoping you'd see/post about this!

    It's so jaw-droppingly articulate isn't it? The detail!

    Funny story is I got in the lift to up in the spire with then boyfriend, and then were joined by two more Aussies - Ally Fowler and her travelling companion... was freaky out of no-where we hadn't seen/heard aussies for about a month at that point!