Thursday, December 31, 2009

Edible Balcony - Weber Baby Q100 BBQ

Very Compact - the Weber Baby Q100 on its trolley unit

Space is getting tight on my Edible Balcony. With plants now slowly encroaching on all the balcony's entertaining area my extremely patient husband has finally put his foot down. 'Very soon we won't have any view at all!' he said exasperatedly the other morning. It was a timely wake-up call. As all you obsessive gardeners out there know we would happily sacrifice living space to see our plants grow and thrive! Could plants and humans co-habit happily on my balcony?

A month ago our old, faulty 4 burner gas BBQ was taken to the tip to make room for a green wall planting system that's being installed in a few weeks time. It's an ingenius system developed here in Sydney from recycled plastic by Ecovert. With the system I'll be able to grow up to 20 more herbs and greens without taking up any more floor space. Great solution for balcony gardeners.

It also means our replacement BBQ needed to be compact but still give a good result. I always consult consumer advocacy group choice
for independent reliable consumer advice. The Weber Baby Q100 topped their scientific testing for best cooking results and ease of use so we got one. Its stand rated low on stability tests so we bought a small kitchen trolley from Howard Storage for it to sit on. And last night we cooked some marinated pork spare ribs to see if choice was right.

the Baby Q100 is only 70cm long

the grill plate and hood are large enough to cook a small leg of lamb or roast chicken

I bought the ribs from the David Jones FoodHall in Market St pre-marinated in a spicy paprika tomato sauce

the BabyQ needs about 10 minutes to heat up....

a regular visitor pops in to have a steaky beak

None for you. Rainbow Lorikeets should only eat Grevillea flowers. Maybe I should plant one?...

The ribs were cooked to perfection. Still juicy and tender but with a lovely caramelised crust.

I think BabyQ is going to be a very welcome addition to the Edible Balcony.... I can just picture it now.... roasted tomatoes fresh off the bush, chargrilled red peppers, eggplant babaganoush.....

Have a great New Years's Eve wherever you are in the world. Thanks for following Saucy so loyally in her inaugural year. Here's to 2010 - a year filled with wonderful food and gardening adventures and many friends to share your bounty with.
Happy New Year everyone!


  1. I have loved reading about your edible balcony, if only I could get my garden to look like that ..

    Happy New Year to you ....

    enjoy the new "baby" ...

  2. Apart from some rosemary, chives and mint, I don't have much that's edible in my garden. I'm finding myself more and more tempted to try seeing your success Indira!

    If your new barbie is half as successful as your garden, you're sure to enjoy many a delicious meal.

  3. we were in a bbq furniture store today looking for a stainless steel topped outdoor kitchen bench/trolley, but the baby Weber caught our eye because it's just so darn cute! But sadly, the cute little bbq isn't big enough for my mob! LOL

    I'm really looking forward to seeing your new green wall planting system installed!

    your little visitor is stunning!

    I think i'd forego the view and fill the balcony with food plants LOL

  4. Aha!!! a balcony gardener in Sidder-knee... how WONDERFUL. I am the same, only without my beloved husband as of nearly 5 years, now - so having a bit of a struggle, but managing, over-all.
    How do you get to have an edible garden, pray? - every time I've tried planting even herbs, every pest in Sydney turns up within a week...