Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Edible Balcony - Adios!

We're off to the US tomorrow for three weeks and sadly deserting the Edible Balcony. I haven't had time to install a drip irrigation system yet so our building's concierge has kindly offered to takeover the onerous watering duties. Most of the plants will cope with a good soaking every two or three days but the tomatoes will need a daily drink. High maintenance. I'm trying to be zen about it all. It's not easy leaving your babies with a stranger! Fingers crossed they fare well and are not blighted by wind, heat or bug invasions in my absence. I will also be attempting to 'blog on the go' so watch this space for my eating adventures across the States!

I put in a few new plants yesterday so they can lap up the December heat.

I've used some hanging baskets as floor space is rapidly running out.

The curry leaf tree has exploded with new shoots and leaves thanks to the heat and a little seaweed fertiliser.

I put in a few compact marigolds around its base. They'll be delicious in a salad and will also attract good bugs.

Similarly nastursiums are great edible flowers and act as a bad bug repellant.

I'm going to try growing some strawberries this summer even though they are notoriously sensitive. I've put them in a hanging basket with well drained soil and room to shoot out their runners.

The cherry tomatoes are ripening on a daily basis. Will have to pick some and keep them in the fridge so the ants do't get to them first!

The last carrots are almost ready. They should be fine to be left in the pot until we are back and ready to cook them with the Christmas turkey.

The remainging beetroots are weedy and have suffered from not being given enough space to grow. Their leaves are tasty though so we've being using them in salads.

I'm pesto obsessed at the moment so the basil gets a trim almost every day.

I found this antique herb holder at the garden centre the other day and planted some tarragon.


  1. Oh that must be so hard leaving your garden when it's all looking so perfect and delicious.

    Hope you have a fantastic time when you're away, and I look forward to hearing about it if you have time to blog while you're travelling.

  2. So much variety crammed into such a small space!

    Didn't even know that some of the things you mentioned were edible. Will have to try them out if ever the opportunity arises.

  3. Have a fantastic holiday and I am sure your plants will miss your care but the US sounds tempting.

    I have learned the hard way to keep curry trees in a pot. When they get going they are amazing.

  4. wow you have so much, and I hope its all ok when you get back.

    enjoy your trip ...I am heading over to California in Feb/March with Madeline & Sebastian ..Disneyland here we come :-)

    have a safe trip and remember to "blog" ..

  5. Just discovered your blog, so bon voyage, and here's hoping the concierge does well.

    Wonderful curry leaf tree, Indira. I have one in a pot and it's about 15 years old, has been repotted a few times but probably not enough, I now realise. Its foliage looks smaller and a lot less lushly green compared with your healthy young flushes of leaves. Memo to self: repot curry tree next autumn!

  6. I know the pain of a high maintenance balcony garden (my tomatoes need a drink each day too) Luckily I have wonderful Uni friends who pitch in to keep it growing when I go away. Those are also some yummy looking tomatoes. Fingers crossed the concierge is also a secret green thumb! Have a wonderful trip.

  7. There has been some insanely hot weather recently, I hope that stays away from Sydney for the duration. Bon voyage and enjoy your time away. Finger's crossed for your garden while you are away:)