Saturday, October 24, 2009

Recipe: No-cook, 3-Ingredient Dessert

Fresh raspberry and vanilla-bean yoghurt sundae

A delicious dessert that is low on cost, time and calories? I don't believe you! Believe me. This dessert satisfies all the cravings and can be an indulgent DVD-home-on-the-couch treat-for-one or a swanky dinner party pleaser. The key is not scrimping on good ingredients. This recipe serves two.

Ingredients: one punnet of fresh raspberries, one tub of King Island Dairy Vanilla-Bean Yoghurt and some organic hazelnut crumbs

repeat layers of raspberries, then yoghurt in a cocktail glass

sprinkle with hazelnut crumbs(I prefer hazelnuts over other nut crumbs because they have a taste complexity similar to an Italian biscuit or cake crumb)

  Make sure every spoonful has a little sweet raspberry, tangy yoghurt and crunchy hazelnut


  1. You offer any recipe with KI yoghurt and I am THERE! Marry it with raspberries and nuts and how could it fail?:) What a lovely dessert, it's plain to see how easy it is, but it's so impressive to look at:D

  2. OMG KI yoghurt is to die for....i have a special place in my tummy for the cinnamon yoghurt...Thanx for sharing; i'm going to try this yummy looking dessert.

  3. I make this same dessert at home too! But I sprinkle toasted muesli on top. I love the idea of crumbled hazelnuts and serving it in a fancy glass. It makes it a bit special. By the way, I love your up close photos of food... yum. It makes me want to eat good food right away!

  4. Dear Coby,
    I'm with you KI anything is drool-worthy but particularly their yoghurt range. Glad you liked the recipe.

    Dear suziwong66,
    So glad you're going to try this dessert!Indira

    Hi Anonymous,
    yes hazlenut crumbs are highly under-rated. I get them from the organic hazlenut farm in Mudgee, NSW. They have a stall at the Pyrmont Farmers markets.