Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bento Box on the run

Bento Box Selection

Today is lunch on the run while I do the posting and banking etc. This fresh-as bento box lunch special is served at a little shoe-box sushi joint Brown Rice just across from the El Alamein Fountain in Kings Cross, Sydney. For $15 you get rice, miso, salad, sashmi of tuna and salmon, katsu chicken and gyoza. If you're in the vicinity check out the installation from Guerilla Knitters who've left the trees in Fitzroy Gardens better clothed than the homeless people who populate the square! Maybe it should be the other way around next time?

 Miso Soup 

How did they get their knitting up there?

Going my way?

these remind me of digeridoos

tied up with a bow

I wonder if the trees get hot under all this wool? I sure would.

Park bench makeover

pearl one, knit one....

no dawdling..move along please....

faraway tree....

bike rack

Part of Sydney City's Art and About month

this looks cosy enough to curl up in..

get this off me!


  1. Gosh! What alot of wool! Your lunch looked nice too :)

  2. How do they do that?????

  3. Your lunch looked great!!! The wool trees looked very different....mmm...I wonder what Melbourne will do to top that?

  4. Hi rachel,
    I find Japanese food very nurturing and cleansing. You don't have to do much to simple ingredients. Indira
    Hi rhubenesque,
    no idea!!!!
    Hi Amanda,
    Yes the wool installation is unusually homespun for Sydney. Melbourne doesn't have to do anything to top it - just be. Indira