Friday, October 30, 2009

Edible balcony update - 8 weeks

from right to left: rainbow silverbeet, beetroot, carrots, tiny tom tomatoes, tom thumbs tomatoes

Well, it's been 8 weeks since most of my herbs and vegie seedlings went in. Looking back I'm really lucky I planted during a freak summer burst at the end of winter. That warm weather gave the plants a little pick me up and helped them establish good resistance before the insect and weather attacks. As the weather warms they are requiring watering every second day - the tomatoes need a drink every day. I fertilize with a seaweed fertilizer once a fortnight.

clockwise: parsley, mint, rosemary, oregano, thyme, tub tom tomatoes, tom thumbs tomatoes

This little corner doesn't get quite as much sunlight as the rest of the balcony so the herb plants aren't quite as robust .The tomatoes, on the other hand, seem to be thriving but I hope its not just all leaves!

tub tom tomatoes

I've counted about 100 tomatoes on this bush with at least another 100 flowers so this variety looks as though it may be a prolific fruiter. Let's hope so.

tom thumb tomatoes

This variety isn't as prolific a fruiter. Interestingly instead of the usual flower clusters it producers long branches of fruit.

sugar snap peas

I threw these sugar snap peas in with the tub tom variety. We're having these sweet crunchy pods in our salads most nights.

carrots and beetroot

beetroot leaves

I am really regretting putting the carrots and beetroot seedlings in the same pot. Even though they are a dwarf variety they are very cramped and I won't be getting many vegies.

rainbow silverbeet

The rainbow siverbeet is my favourite baby. Prolific, robust, delicious fresh or cooked, and looks so pretty

curry leaf tree

The curry leaf tree is now touching the balcony roof. Still covered with beautiful white flowers which are slowing turning into dark berries. I gave the curry leaf tree a little extra nitrogen and phosphate dissolved in water to help the extra leaf growth.


  1. That looks fabulous! We have a largish vege patch and our carrots are crowded too! We planted them in autumn so now we're eating them, but they are on the small side, gradually they are getting bigger as they get more room to grow. Super sweet though.

    Wow at your curry leaf!! How long have you been growing it? That's on my list!

  2.'ve nailed the vege garden on a balcony. Well done, they all look so healthly.

  3. The balcony garden is looking fabulous! The tomatoes on the branch are truss tomatoes and they look wonderful. I'm still in serious curry leaf tree envy...i've turned my search for one to the internet and still haven't found one!! I hope my tomatoes are as prolific fruiters as yours!

  4. Oh my gosh- this looks fantastic. I have a much smaller space but am trying to also construct a balcony garden. I can't wait to see how the vegies and beets turn out. Which variety of lettuce are you using?

  5. You must have gardening in your blood Indira. How is it you know when to fertilize etc? It all looks spectacular, and the Tom Thumb tomatoes look like the very expensively priced truss tomatoes that supermarkets sell in packets.

  6. Hi Liss, the curry leaf tree was actually saved from annihilation by my husbnad last year while I was working o/s. It was literally a leaf-less stick that I was going to throw out when I returned. Low and behold my husband watered it, individually rubbed all this sooty mould off its stems and voila it sprang back to life! It really loves being in a metre-high pot in part shade. I water it everyday and feed it with a liquid seaweed fertilizer once a fortnight and, while it was flowering a little extra nitrogen and phosphate diluted in water. It's leaves have the most glorious aroma when you brush against them and they lilft our rice and curry dishes to another exotic levela! Indira

  7. Hi Amanda,
    thank you for your encouraging words. It takes constant vigilance to water, watch out for disease outbreaks or pest attacks. but the results are so satisfying. Indira

    Hi suziwong66,
    Hope you find a curry leaf tree soon! Indira

    Hi Gastronomy Gal,
    I actually haven't put any lettuces in yet. Waiting for my wall-mounted growing pods to be installed next week and then I will put as many lettuces and chinese greens as I can squeeze in! Indira

  8. Hi Coby,
    Don't know about gardening in my blood.... it's really just a lot of learning as you go and reading as much as you can and asking lots of questions from specialists. It's also knowing your microclimate and selecting pots and plants that will thrive best in your conditions. Trial and error but very rewarding! Indira

  9. Great news...My SIL who arrived to visit from Melb said my FIL has been growing curry leaf trees in his backyard...why didnt i think of him first??? Good lord he's been growing chillies and such for years! Now i only have to think of a way to get one sent from Melb to Adel...or try and patiently wait until a family member visits via car...

  10. Dear suziwong66, and all this time the curry leaf tree was right under your nose... and down the street and across the border but in the family at any rate. I hope it arrives speedily!Indira

  11. I am so impressed with your tomatoes - I hope mine turn out as good! (They're just seedlings at the moment).

  12. Awesome looking garden! Is this indoors? If it is, then it looks amazingly lush.

    How old are your tomato plants? Mine seem to be taking their sweet time in growing.

    And kudos to you. You have one really popular blog going on here.