Thursday, October 1, 2009

Celebrity MasterChef Episode 1- The Verdict

Well the wait is over. Last night I got to see the edited version of my MasterChef performance - and believe me the producers were very generous. I didn't look like the nervous klutz I was! Both Josh and Kirk were magnificent and really both deserved to go through to the semi-finals. Alas, there is always only one winner and I hope you all throw your support behind Kirk for the rest of the series. He is a really nice bloke.

After numerous requests from you I've included a link below to the Channel 10 official MasterChef website where you will find my meatball recipe from last night. Enjoy!


  1. I loved watching you on Master Chef last night, and finding out the secret ingredient for fluffy meatballs! About five years ago I ate a meatball at a party (a part called the Over-eating Fest, but that's another story...), and it was divine. Fluffy, light, tasty, melt on the tongue - now that I have your secret I'll give these fluffy meatballs a try. Thanks again.

  2. Great work on the show! It was rather disappointing to see them have a different format to "non-celebrity" Masterchef which meant you didn't get to hang around long!

    I will also be using your ricotta in the meatball tip! :)

  3. Indira, I thought you did really well from what I saw:) Curious that your ricotta addition (secret ingredient:)) was loved by George, but where you thought it made them light Mat (who I'm a big fan of) thought they were a little spongy? Personal preference perhaps or did they not turn out as you expected? Anyway, well done you! I love to cook, but I KNOW I'd fall to pieces in front of Gary, George and Mat, you should be very proud of yourself:D

  4. You were great! And as a result I found your blog! Woot! Now you have to give us the 'insiders' view Indira ! xx

  5. Dear Kylie@therockgarden, I'm really enjoying sharing the 'ricotta' secret ingredient. I hope you like the result!

    Dear Rilista, Yes a shame I couldn't hang around a little longer. Although I'm not sure I would have hoped with the increasing level of difficulty of the cooking challenges! I'll be enjoying watching the rest of the series ffrom the comfort of my couch! Indira

    Dear Coby, yes Matt did disagree with the others about the texture of my meatballs. I think he had a bite from a not-so-juicy-one! Anyway try the recipe and let me know what you think. Indira

    Dear Liss, Dishing the Dirt -Behind the scenes at Celebrity MasterChef.... hhmmmm... what a great book idea! Indira

  6. will definitely try them over the long weekend. love the idea of adding ricotta too.

  7. Aww, I only half watched MasterChef last night as I was busy trying to make moon cakes. :( I did listen enough to catch that you had this blog! :) I'll stream the episode from the MasterChef website later. Hehe. Great blog by the way!

  8. Well done on Masterchef and thanks for directing us all to your great blog.

    One of our family favourite meals is Meatballs - I really love the idea of adding your not-so-secret ingredient, I'm going to try it next time.

  9. Inspired by your blog, I made my own!

  10. Your cooking looked the tastiest I thought. You didn't seem nervous at all, except maybe when the polenta was sticking to the spoon! Well done!

  11. Oh thanks so much for the recipe link! It's a shame that you weren't able to make it through to the next round. Would have been nice to see what other masterpieces you would have cooked up.

    Would you come back into the comp, if given the opportunity like they did with the previous Masterchef series?

  12. Heyy Indira, last night I watched master chef and you looked very excellent in making those meatballs! thanks for the links :-)

  13. Hi Indira

    Loved you on Masterchef!

    Cheers - Joolz

  14. What a woman! Well done on Master Chef, it was great to see another side of the serious Indira we admire so much. Glad to have found your blog too!

  15. I thought you did so well, you looked so cool and composed. I would have lost my cool over the meringue topping!

    Looking forward to trying these meatballs, on the menu this week, they looked great on the show.

  16. Hi Indira, I noticed that your link is broken so for anyone who wants to look up your recipe here is the link -

  17. Your balls have always been my favourite ;-)

  18. Hi deborah,
    Hope the meatballs went well. I would normally gently simmer them for about two hours but didn't have time in the competition so reduced the time. Indira

    Hi i bake for you, do you know I've never eaten a mooncake? I am going to make an effort ot search them out this week. Indira

    Hi Kristie,
    yeah who can resist meatballs? Every family has their special way of doing them. I hope you enjoy the ricotta version. Indira

    Hi Anth, glad to inspire you. And happy blogging. Indira

    Hi Rachel,
    Beleive me the producers left out my worst panciked moments. that polenta gave me hell! Indira

    Hi Simon,
    Sure I'd come back but the question is would they want me to? Indira

    Hi Helen Margo,
    Glad you liked the show and thanks for following Saucy. Indira

    Hi Joolzmac,
    thanks for barracking for me. Really appreciate it. Indira

    Hi Mummy cuddles,
    enjoying your blog as well. Saucy over time will reveal the true dag and nerd that lies behind this serious facade! Indira

    Hi Rhubenesque,
    I'd recommed simmering he meatballs for at least 2 hours if you have the time. Indira

    Hi Kristen,
    thanks for pointing this out. I think I've sorted out the link issure. Indira

    Hi Andrew, - thank you - i think! Indira

  19. I made the meatballs and did the extra simmering time. They were really delicious. I'll link bcack when I do a review, thanks again.