Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Edible Balcony - Cyril and Marge drop by with Vaughn and Meredith

                     Vaughn: Oh, I say Cyril, what! This is a spiffing location. And wonderful that it's in Potts Point. So close to the yacht club. Isn't it marvellous Meredith?

Meredith: Yes, dear.

Vaughn: How did you hear about it Cyril?

Cyril: A Terry Durack restaurant review. Can't say I agree with all his comments - not everyone is into fresh herbs and vegetables. I'd like to see some fruit and maybe a grevillea or two.

Marge: Oh Cyril stop grumbling! You're the one who likes coming here more than I do. You're here every morning and every evening without fail. I think you're quite smitten.

Cyril: The only thing I'm smitten with is you Marge.

Marge: Aw shucks Cyril...

Vaughn: Come on you two. You're meant to be Rainbow Lorikeets not Love Birds!
Why don't we pop in to the yacht club for a soda? I want to sharpen my beak on that new wooden clipper that docked this morning.


  1. I love this post! I love the pictures! How delightful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. two new cast members! fabulous!! LMAO

  3. Wow these birds a beautiful. You are so lucky they come to visit.

  4. wow what a life...why dont we just pop into the yacht club for some soda

  5. They are beautiful - I was wondering what had happened to Cyril and Marge. Did they eat anything or do they just come for a look?

  6. "I want to sharpen my beak..." love it!!!