Sunday, May 9, 2010

Autumn on the Edible Balcony

I'm getting up with the sun at the moment so I don't miss a second of this extraordinary morning light

I could take endless shots of the borage flowers and the gossamer filaments on their stalks

The traffic below is starting to stir - garbage trucks and delivery vans. Sadly as the light strengthens so does the city's hustle and bustle.

so near and yet so far...

the edible balcony looking east

I've put my orchids around the base of the curry leaf tree in the dappled light.
They should start flowering in the next month or so. They're the only plant on the balcony that isn't edible although vanilla pods are derived from the dried tendrils of some orchid varieties

in the foreground is more borage, then sage, rainbow chard, nasturtiums, strawberries, basil, chillies and red peppers

Here are the golden podded peas, broccoli and just out of shot is the clumping pumpkin and organic garlic

Under the edible wall  I've planted some heritage radish that will hopefully come up in yellows, pinks as well as reds.
And right in the corner is a dwarf meyer lemon tree which has just started to flower.

soft, strong-petalled, and slightly lemon-scented - purty!


Happy 101 Award

And a big thank you to Jo from 'A Dash of Flavour'

for giving Saucy Onion a Happy 101 Award.

The rules of accepting this award are as follows:

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Here are the 10 blogging sites I'd like to pass on this award to

And the things that make me happy are:
My husband Mark
My garden
Great food
My friends and family
A ferry trip on Sydney Harbour
Swimming in the ocean
Slowing down and living deeply.


  1. That's a very healthy lemon blossom! I hope you will have lots of healthy lemons growing on your tree.

  2. Gorgeous photos... almost inspiring enough to drag myself out of bed early of a morning... *almost*.

  3. It was difficult for me to believe that the very first image was your balcony. The beautiful light (along with the artistic angle perhaps;)) made for an other-wordly image in my mind:)

  4. Aww how lovely is your bloom on your dwarf meyer lemon tree? Looks blissful on your balcony!

    Thank you so much for the award, have passed on the happy thoughts here :

  5. The first two pics are simply amazing! I love your garden.