Thursday, March 18, 2010

Edible Balcony - Winter Plantings

Well it's time to get the winter crop in. But first I needed to sort out my seed packets. They looked worse than the jumble in my make-up drawer!

I used an old black and white-striped gift box...

... cut out some month dividers using a cardboard box.... all my wayward seed packets had a place to live that was dry and cool.

Et viola! Order and clarity.

Now for the planting. I decided to trial these fabric potato planters I ordered online. They're made from recycled materials, have drainage holes, handles and can be folded away and reused - music to a balcony gardeners ears!

I've used seeds from my Diggers collection to plant some Waltham Broccoli because it reputedly has a high yield and long harvest.

And in the other planter I popped in some Delicata Pumpkin seeds, from Diggers Space Saver Collection.They are a non-running bush that give small green and yellow-striped fruit in about 3 months' time.

And thankfully the lower winter sun has finally started to move onto my western wall, giving my vertical edibles some much needed direct sunlight! Hopefully they'll really start bushing up now.


  1. This is so wonderfully organised...I hope, that when I start my vegie garden, that it is as awesome as yours...

  2. Fabulous seed organisation...mine are a mess! Love the potato sack idea! I can always rely on you to share fabulous gardening ideas/advice.

  3. I just LOVE that box you made! Mine are a mess...I tend to check my Excel spreadsheet for what to plant, then dig through the crazy number of seed packets I have bought. I grew my potatoes (kipflers) last year in the bags bought from Diggers and they were fantastic. They did at least as well as in the garden bed, if not better. cheers and look forward to hearing about your harvests!

  4. The fabric bags are a great idea. My wife showed me a few bloggers from japan who just use the bags of soil. They stack them neat and grow direct. YOu have a great use of space!!

  5. Love that seed sorter. How clever are you!