Friday, November 20, 2009


I find food to be such an interesting anthropological study. What you eat, I believe, reveals so much more about you than what you wear or what job you do. And what you don't or won't eat says even more. Over the years I've discovered what my friends and family like to eat and what they don't - my stepson doesn't eat seafood, my step-daughter is a vegetarian, my mother-in-law won't eat offal, my husband won't touch quiche, one of my girlfriends dry retches at the thought of goat, my mum can't eat prawns, my sister has to lather her food with chilli  - and I don't like cream! Believe me, preparing a family meal that pleases everyone can be nightmarish for the home-cook.
Which is why there is no greater pleasure than when someone else cooks for me. They can run the diplomatic gauntlet thank you very much!

The hardest trying-to-please-everyone meal must be the convention meal when the food has to please everyone and offend no-one. Impossible. That's why I always find the old-fashioned alternating plates on a table at a function such straightforward common sense. Don't like your chicken? Then swap it for my lamb. Easy. That's what they did at the Bus Victoria 'Women on the Move' lunch at the Windsor Hotel in Melbourne on Wednesday. The result? No tantis.

Braised lamb shank with creamy rosemary polenta and natural jus
Grilled five-spice chicken breast with wild mushroom and tomato ragout

chocolate and pear buche with vanila bean sauce

Michelle's iced strawberry souffle glace with manjari sorbet and strawberry sauce

Is it too rude to lick my plate?

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  1. No, go ahead! Someone in my family does it every night after eating their icecream. I've learnt to look away!

  2. That's one of the common thing my blending family have LOL.

  3. I'm of the ilk that believe licking your plate helps reduce water wastage in the washing-up process and thus is an environmental strategy to be more green....just make sure if you're in public you gently wipe clean the tip of your nose post's the lady-like thing to do hehe

  4. Our family rule is licking the plate is accepable in the privacy of our home:) Indira, I do NOT envy your challenges. I have a few preferences to deal with, but nothing like that which you face. Well done for ever braving the kitchen!!

  5. Hi rachel,
    I've never been a direct plate licker.... I tend to scrape up the remaining sauce with my finger. I've even been known to do this at restaurants. Etiquette was designed by people who didn't really like food I think! Indira

    Hi suziwong66,
    plate licking as a solution to climate change? Indira

    Hi Coby,
    If plate licking is OK at your place would love an invite one day and re: cooking for the family.. oh, it's not really as bad as all that... thank God for potato... the great crowd pleaser! Indira