Friday, January 27, 2012

Edible thief

(photo by Mark FitzGerald)
When you garden organically, it's a constant battle dealing with pests.
You win some. You lose some.
I'd had my eye on this delicious Tioga strawberry - ripe and luscious from our recent bout of hot weather in Sydney. But a cunning native slug beat me to it.
He'd burrowed deep into the stawberry eating at least three times his weight in strawberry juice.
Of course once he was discovered, the game was up. This little slug had to go.
At least he died happy.


  1. Constant battle when growing organically. Crushed egg shells or coffee will quickly stop this from reoccurring. I grow Big Sweetie and they are the best tasting strawberries EVER!! Hope you've had a chance to eat some of yours.

    1. Great suggestions Evelyne! And yes I have eaten more than a dozen luscious balcony strawberries this week so very content.. best, Indira

  2. Indira. Was given your book for my birthday by my husband. I am very inspired to expand my few herbs to veggies plus. While I was reading I suggested I might grow beetroot - which was met by protests about not being able to move on the balcony etc etc. So I quoted your mark and how you were able to convince him so thanks for the advice on tackling husband's!!! Anyway, my question is about how you set up the balcony in the first place. How did you get the great idea to hang the baskets etc? And how do you know how large the pots should be?


  3. Dear Kimw,
    so thrilled you have a copy of The Edible Balcony and are expanding your edible garden (with the support of an understanding husband!!!) Re: hanging baskets.... I thought they would be a great way to use the space on my railing. I saw the baskets at bunnings and then found some sturdy hooks that fitted over my extra wide railing. And your question about how large the pots should be.... well of course that depends on the size your plants will grow. On most seed packets and seedling punnets there are instructions about the height and width an edible will grow. Use this as a guide. Usually the bigger your pot the bigger your plant will grow. Good luck!
    best, Indira

  4. Dear Indira,
    I wanted to thank you for putting the Edible Balcony together as it has been the best Christmas present ever (thanks Santa!). I now have enough lettuce every day for our lunches, loads of basil and surely am only days away from tasting my first tomatoe and strawberry. I'm looking forward to adding lots more goodies to my little garden!
    PS. EXCELLENT tip to find the caterpillars (if only my son knew what I was doing with them...)

    1. Dear Lea, wow your produce sounds amazing. Well done! And so glad you love the book! I am a very happy author now! Best , indira

  5. Dear Indira

    I was given your book for Christmas and love it. Not only is my courtyard garden taking shape but we are working through the great recipes. We are looking forward to our next harvest so we can continue to sample your recipes


    1. Dear JoS
      Thank you so much for your feedback. I'm so thrilled you're enjoying the adventures of veggie gardening and enjoying the recipes. Send some pics when you can . Cheers, indira