Thursday, January 5, 2012

Edible Balcony - Hello Big Boy!

During our overseas travels a very generous neighbour on the 16th floor has been looking after my balcony garden. Despite the heavy rain, wind storms and cold snaps the garden is thriving.

This little beauty - a red capsicum - will find its way into a summer salad on the weekend.


  1. Do miss the true flavour of capsicums. I was too late in planting mine - note your this year's planting list. Enjoy the salad!!

  2. That looks delicious! I hope mine ripen, you scared me by referring to capsicums as the needy girlfriend in your book:)

  3. Hi green backyard! Wow! You bought my book. Thrilled . Actually I've always found capsicums relatively easy - they just need hot weather to ripen fire engine red. It was the eggplants I struggled with in my book. But I'm going to give them another whirl this summer. Don't be put off! Best indira

  4. Oh, that's right, the eggplants are scary!, I laughed at so many things in your book!