Saturday, January 7, 2012

Edible Balcony - Weekend Harvest

Look what grandma is getting this weekend from The Edible Balcony ! Two kilos of cherry and beef tomatoes, a red capsicum, ruby and golden chard, sweet basil, Greek basil, rosemary, sage and curry leaves.

With the weather heating up in Sydney I'm going to try my luck by planting a second crop of tomatoes. They should ripen in mid March.The cherry and sweet bite varieties have been so successful, I think I'll plant them again. No white fly problems and they seemed to survive the wind and rain of December. So next week it's out with the old bushes and in with the new!


  1. Great crop!! Definitely plant new tomatoes!!

  2. My toms are just taking ages to grow! theyre so big and are just now flowering and fruiting. Suspense is killing me!! Yours look awesome though, and if mine turn out half as good as yours Ill be happy!!

  3. WOW!! I must plant some curry leaves!