Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Pinch and a Punch (and a Zucchini) for the First of the Month

What a magic day in Sydney for the beginning of the Easter Long Weekend.

After taking some advice from my horticultural wizard friend Cherie I did some hand pollinating of the male and female zucchini flowers.

.. the result of the menage a trois! Well-endowed isn't he?

The zucchini plants are spreading triffid-like....

The strawberries and nasturtiums lap up the sunshine

Mint, basil and rainbow silverbeet

Last of my autumn plantings.These peas sound delicious. You can apparently eat the pods as well.

I fashioned a climbing tepee for them.
They'll be ready to harvest in 4 weeks.

I also planted some carrots and spring onions

The plants will spend Easter on their own. We're off to Mudgee in country New South Wales to stay at the Gundooee organic wagyu beef farm run by our friends Rob and Nita Lennon.
Yeeeeee Hahhhhh!!!!!


  1. Your zucchini plant looks great. Enjoy Mudgee!

  2. What a beautiful view of the harbor. Your garden certainly has a great background to grow.

  3. john@heneedsfoodApril 3, 2010 at 1:04 PM

    How do you tell whether a zucchini flower is male or female? I'm thinking of growing them on our new vege/herb garden at work

  4. You have a beautiful balcony garden!

  5. What an inspiring post! My friend directed me to this particular blog post because I also grow a variety of vegetables, plants and herbs on my balconies. I was thinking about how I would cook those zucchini flowers. Mmm. Great post and hope you enjoyed Mudgee.