Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Edible Balcony - Take a peak at my peas

Peas were the first thing I remember growing as a child. They seemed to sprout without much trouble and had few pest problems.

I ordered this variety online from Diggers because it was an heirloom variety and the pods can be eaten as well as the peas.

I planted them in a 20cm metre deep container and used some leftover stakes to make a climbing tepee.

That was three weeks ago....

2 weeks ago they sprung into life...

..and with this Indian Summer we've been having they are squirming up the stakes.

They look like lovely green butterflies.

                                                      ...... inspiring another watercolour

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  1. Lovely peas! I planted mine a few weeks ago too and noticed that they have just popped up. Do you eat your pea tendrils too? They are lovely in salads and stir fries.