Thursday, March 21, 2013

House restaurant - spicy edible courtyard

House has been wowing CBD workers with its $10 lunches and refreshing beers from the next door pub for a few years now.

The restaurant flows into a shaded courtyard on busy Elizabeth Street.

But rather than the usual ornamental plantings to cut down on noise and pollution, House has planted a spicy edible garden.

Instead of boring box hedges there are hedges of pungent bird's eye chillies that are used in the kitchen.

Beautiful and edible all in one.

Potted kaffir lime trees act as a split level barrier.

How healthy do they look?

 And I just adore this vast hedge of Vietnamese mint. What a great idea!
And there's plenty of basil for the kitchen as well...
 Thai basil and lemongrass
One of the best edible gardens I've seen. Built to be beautiful and practical.


  1. I ate dinner here last year and didn't even notice their garden - how remiss of me (I was pretty hungry though so only had eyes for the kitchen).

    1. Easy to do Mel. The plantings are so well integrated into the courtyard.x Indira