Saturday, August 4, 2012

First Lemon Blossom

New edible gardeners are in for many surprises along their journey to grow some of their own food. Yes there will be edible delights to enjoy but also unexpected blooms and scents. My favourite flowers are lemon blossom. Their fresh citrusy fragrance is heady and intoxicating - and bees can't keep away. My first lemon bloom flowered this morning signalling that Spring is just round the corner.


  1. We're going to be buying a little lemon tree for our balcony a mandarin tree too I hope.

    1. Hi miss piggy - exciting that you're getting citrus . My lemon tree is a dwarf Meyer lon variety and took about two years to settle in. first year lots of flowers no fruit (blossom drop) second year leaf miner and this year 15 big juicy lemons!!!

  2. Completely agree about lemon blossoms - love that scent! My dwarf Meyer began blooming a few weeks back (warmer climate in North Qld). Hope to get a good crop this year, already there are 4 tiny fruit. Last year was my first crop, with 2 lemons.