Saturday, July 28, 2012

Micro- Winter green sprouts

Give these a try. In just 4 weeks you'll have some tasty nutritious micro-winter greens for your salads, sandwiches or to garnish your soups. The Diggers seed mix I used includes beetroot, mustard greens, kale and tatsoi. I sowed them straight into this pot using a good organic potting mix and a little cow manure to give my seedlings a boost. An occasional water and let the sun do the rest!


  1. Indira, are they easier to grow than dill? I find I'm having no luck whatsoever growing dill (my favourite herb) but the 4-week harvest of these sprouts might be what I need to get my green thumb back!

  2. Dear rah
    I've found dill to be generally straightforward although it doesn't like to be overwatered and can develop mildew problems. Microgreens tend to be fairly robust and great for sowing and picking as you need them

  3. These look great, my courtyard garden doesn't get a lot of sun in winter but these would work nicely in a pot on the outdoor table where it does get sun