Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Edible Balcony - May 8th

Well winter has really set in here in Sydney. I've been watering the plants in the mornings wearing ugh boots, mittens and a beanie!

Amazingly there are still some San Marzano tomatoes on the vine, and some capsicums struggling to turn fire engine red.

The warrigal greens on the vertical wall all soaking up the winter sun and I'm harvesting them every week. My favourite snack at the moment is mixing up some finely chopped warrigals with chickpea flour, some baking powder, Indian spices and a little water and frying them into little crunchy pakoras . So addictive.

The chives in the hanging basket in the corner have erupted requiring almost a daily haircut to contain them.

My four varieties of basil are still bushy providing me with my secret elixir - pesto!

As soon as the tomatoes and capsicums are truly done I'll clear those pots and plant some heirloom carrots, radishes and maybe some onions.

Balcony life isn't too bad.

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  1. love your Warrigal green Pakora recipe Indira. I'll have to trial that one and pinch it. Pleasant surprise meeting you today at the wharf signing.
    Glen (ilovewarrigalgreens). Check out what some of the restaurants are doing with it on my facebook or glenop twitter accounts