Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter - Growers Market Pyrmont

Easter is my favourite time of the year in Sydney. Everyone heads down the coast or to the country leaving the streets quiet and relaxing.

Many of the harboursiders who remain make the annual pilgrammage to the SMH Growers Market in Pyrmont.
The morning is already balmy with huge blue skies.

How pretty do the white canvas stalls look?
I'm stocking up on all my fresh organic veggies for tonight's dinner.

maybe some orchids as well...
And it's hard to go past daffodils this time of the year

 My mother-in-law Gwen is getting some of these chocolate filled easter eggs in real painted shells

ok... I'm getting some for me too!

If you missed them this month they'll be back again in May. I might bump into you.

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