Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Raw, vegan and dairy-free at Agape Restaurant

I know, I know. Not a seared steak, hot pudding or cheese plate in sight. And guess what? We didn't miss them.
Chef Simon Lawson wanted to show diners what a delicious and diverse raw diet you could enjoy with a little imagination - and a hydrator! And Georgia from gave us a nutritional overview of how raw food can rebalance our diets.

Here's what we ate.
Everything was served at room temperature.

Asparagus, yellow banana pepper, silverbeet, avocado, mint, pistachio and basil soup
citrus and basil cured beetroot, olive, fennel, orange, mint, radish and coriander 

fennel, apple and pickled cabbage
cherry tomato, sprouted royal black quinoa, saffron vinaigrette, parsley, chive and broccoli sprouts

swiss brown mushroom, black truffle, thyme and white mushroom puree, kale, fennel and apple pickled cabbage

pineapple, coconut palm sugar, macerated blackberries, pineapple granita and coconut sorbet

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  1. Great food thanks to chef Simon Lawson, outstanding hospitality thanks to Lyn and team and fantastic infotainment thanks to Georgia from Stirring Change.

    I cannot wait to attend the next "Love Feast" at Agape Restaurant and might even book into one of Georgia's Stirring Change food workshops. Looks like there is lots to learn :)