Monday, January 16, 2012

Cafe Dov - Potts Point's best edible garden

Cafe Dov is fast becoming a Potts Point institution.
Now it's hyper-energetic owner Tim Petersen has expanded the eatery to include an edible courtyard.

The old car-port and storage area has been transformed into a groovy, relaxing outdoor space - the DOV garden.

Can't you picture your Sydney garden party here? The multi-talented Mr Petersen even turned his hand to some carpentry knocking together this rustic table.

There are trellised cherry tomatoes in recycled plastic tubs..

They're thriving in the protected courtyard...

... and occasionally find their way onto the menu..

There are tubs of soft-leafed rocket...

And an array of herbs to perk up dishes from the kitchen...

Thyme, taragon and mint...

...and more mint.

..filling the space with refreshing aromas...

... flowers including pansies to attract insects..

... and to add colour to the garden..

a potted bay tree

..all thriving amongst the hub-bub of Victoria Street.

A special space in a special part of the city. Book your table today.


  1. I love it! That's a lot of herbs growing there.

  2. Hi thegreenbackyard,
    Yep there certainly are a lot of herbs. I love how Tim has recycled his cafe's storage containers and used salvaged pieces of timber and metal to create his little oasis! Indira

  3. just goes to show there is no space too small or out of the way for you to put some pots in and start growing! It looks great!

  4. And wait until you try their food jaxstar841 Indira