Friday, September 9, 2011

Hobart in Three Days - Garagistes Bar/Restaurant

In unprepossessing surrounds in a disused garage in the centre of Hobart is a dimly lit food alchemist's lair.
It's only 6pm but already foodies from around the state and from the mainland are securing their table for the night. Such is the reputation of this young restaurant. Seating is at the bar or at high communal tables set with stoneware.

Under the hyperactive creative genius of Luke Burgess -  who has already collected a bag of food awards - Garagistes is quite an exhilarating experience.
Garagistes is quickly raising the bar when it comes to sourcing the best local organic ingredients and enhancing their flavours with French and Japanese techniques.
Much of the cooking takes place on this dramatic exposed wood-fired grill pit in the centre of the kitchen.

darjeeling-brined quail eggs, toasted tashiminori rice , oyster cream

grilled lamb ribs, peppers, lemon, coriander seeds

Meltingly tender. Sucked to the bone.

Fried tripe, tomatillo mayonnaise. Spicy and gelatinous with a crunchy crust

braised heirloom carrots + turnips, almond cream, young garlic, nuts and seeds
strips of vegetable candy

crisp black pudding crumbs, salt-coated celeriac, apple allioli, pea flowers. Deeply rich but again a textural delight.

Look out for this rare Tasmanian label chardonnay. Unusally delicious.
This is a destination restaurant that every food lover wishes was in their city. Lucky Hobart.

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