Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Launceston - Strathlynn Restaurant at Ninth Island winery

We awoke Sunday morning to heavy heads and heavy skies.
Perfect weather for a long drive in our hire car through the Tamar Valley, a little wine tasting and a late Sunday lunch.

We're both big fans of Jansz sparkling. The Jansz winery is nestled in the hills just beyond the Tamar Valley near the north-east coast of Tasmania. The climate and grey clay soil are remarkably similar to the Champagne region of France which was why Louis Roderer together with the Hill-Smith family established vineyards here in 1998. We tried the vintage Cuvee 2005 (yum) and the Premium rose (refreshing)

 It certainly was duck geese weather

And negotiating them was a little tricky. They weren't moving for anyone.

Luckily there was a table available for lunch at Strathlynn Restaurant (formerly Daniel Alps at Strathlynn). It's perched high up on the Tamar riverbank on Rosevears Drive just 20km north of Launceston. It's part of the Ninth Island winery complex but should be a destination in its own right. Although Daniel Alps recently departed, the head chef and most of the staff have remained.

Of course we had to have some Ninth Island bubbly as we soaked in the moody clouds and greys of the sky and water.

Peppery new season olive oil with house made crusty bread rolls

Mark had the roast chicken breast on the bone with seasonal baked vegetables in a mustard cream sauce

I didn't hear a peep out of him it was that good.

Organic leaf salad with radish, fried shallots and parmesan

The cold weather had built up my appetite so I was confident I could tackle the Roast Venison with lentils, baked beetroot, spinach, broccoli and fetta.

The venison cut like butter and worked beautifully with the lentils and the rich red wine jus. Magnificient earthy flavours.Could have done without the fetta though.

Strathlynn is compulsory for anyone who wants to experience the best of Tassie produce prepared with passion and restraint. And that view is a killer.

I offered to be designated driver so Mark could enjoy a few glasses of red before our short drive back to Launceston.

It's been a perfect three-day getaway. We'll be back - when it gets a little warmer!


  1. They're geese, Indira! And it looks like a nice spot to have lunch.

  2. I love Tassie, but have never had the pleasure of visiting here - note to self to remedy that as soon as possible!

  3. hahahah I see Jamie thought the same as me...yes it looked liked duck weather but they're geese hehehe Looks like you had a fabulous time down in Tassie. :)

  4. Dear Jamie and suziwong66,
    My goose is cooked!Thanks for the correction.

  5. What a lovely looking spot