Saturday, December 12, 2009

The High Line and Chelsea Markets, New York City

On Monday morning we left (part of) our heart in San Francisco and headed off to chilly New York.
The long flight was a chance to catch up with some blogging. A new inflight broadband service allowed me to join the blogging version of the Mile High Club!
We arrived at our Sohotel hotel in Soho late evening, grabbed some unbelievably good pasta nearby in Little Italy, slept soundly and set off on Tuesday morning to explore the High Line in the Meat Packing District. The High Line was an operational elevated railway line until the early 1980s. A shipment of  frozen turkeys was apparently the last cargo to be carried on its tracks! Instead of dismantling the railway line local conservation groups lobbied to have it preserved and transformed into open park space for hemmed-in New Yorkers. So glad they did.With the Chelsea Markets located at the High Line on West 15th this is a must-do for all garden-loving foodies.

locals and tourists enjoy some hard-to-find sunshine

The railway line was concreted and planted with grasses and shrubs. About two-thirds of the line has been completed.

the past provides structure for the present and the future

flowers amongst the concrete and steel

Parts of the High Line have been glassed in allowing visitors to experience the eery sensation of floating above the New York traffic

A section of the High Line at 10th Ave

Pop into the Chelsea Markets and do like the sign says and pack your picnic here
The markets occupy about half a block of old warehouses
Most of the original fittings, and pipes and brick facades have been retained
There was an exhibition showcasing recycled Christmas decorations

From afar it looks like an expensive high-tech wreath....

on closer inspection it is made up of dozens of old CDs
This seafood joint contained an array of crustaceans and fins I had never seen before

Everything was displayed so immaculately
dismembered claws...

the freshest lobster...

with a home-style butcher next door...

New Yorkers want to know everything about their meat

where it came from....

how old it was and was it happy when it died

New Yorkers are still in love with their cupcakes

loved these Sesame Street inspired ones

but this was my favourite

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  1. Looks like you are having a fantstic time, and not starving LOL

    Love the cupcakes xxx

  2. okay, that's partner was wearing a Lobster Place T-shirt yesterday that looked exactly like the picture you've taken LOL! He must of picked it up in the US sometime...I just thought it was some generic t-shirt picked up when he was out shopping for climate friendly clothes when travelling for work.