Sunday, March 21, 2010

Edible Balcony - Colour Snap-shot

I get almost as much pleasure from the colours of my edible balcony as I do from its taste.
Here's an autumn Sunday morning snap-shot....

male bud of a zucchini flower

just opened and ready to pollinate

red oak lettuce

thai silk chillies

spicy turbans of colour

crunchy warrigal greens on the wall

soft petalled nasturtiums

red horn peppers

a candy cane forest of rainbow silverbeet

long black purple eggplant

compact marigold

refreshing mint

tiny mauve petals of a basil flower

he-loves-me he-loves-me-not feverfew


  1. What a beautiful looking day in our city. Your plants look great basking in the sunlight.

  2. Oh wow! Your edible balcony is growing well. Look at that giant pepper!

  3. What a beautiful balcony - both the edibles and the view! Isn't Sydney in Autumn beautiful?
    lanie of our gorgeous harbour!
    Cheers Lanie.

  4. The autumn sunlight shows the colours up beautifully - so pretty!